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Aeria Gloris

indigo boy // if he could see his way to daylight

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Birthdate:Oct 17
Location:Brooklyn, New York, United States of America
Website:Nova Netwerks

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"each new hour holds new chances for new beginnings
the horizion leans forward
offering space to place new steps of change."
~ Maya Angelou


Information high.


"the only way to live a good life
is to act on your emotions."
~ Heero Yuy


One thing I remember:
Spring came on forever,
Spring came on forever,
Said the Chinese nightingale.

~ Vachel Lindsay


Be here now.


"tomorrow sees undone
what happens not today
indecision brings delays
days lost
lamenting lost days"
~ Ryoga Hibiki


"I will correct the mistakes brought on by your weakness."
~ Trowa Barton


A monk is walking across an empty road, contemplating the nature around him. Suddenly, he sharply stubs his toe on a rock embedded in his path. Instead of crying "Stupid rock!" or "What is this doing here?" or "Who put this here?" or even "What a fool I am, I should look where I'm going!" He cried "Where does this pain come from?" At that very moment, he attained enlightenment.


Aeria Gloris.
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